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4 Steps to Find an Elevation Surveyor Near Me

Land surveying is a very important field, which is part of human life: it is the science that underlies the preparation of maps and the measurement of the earth’s surface. In the topographic plan, one can observe the diminished representation of the horizontal projection of the details, on a smaller portion of the terrestrial surface, at a certain scale.

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An elevation surveyor has several attributions on a construction site:

Drawing the elements of the project

  • drawings and verification of the construction axes;
  • tracing and checking construction elements (axes of insulated foundations, basement axes, bolts for metal structures etc.)
  • tracing post-execution surveys
  • transmission of quotas for the current floor
  • aligning elevators, by high precision topographic methods

Providing assistance during construction

  • Marking the site’s topographic network
  • Drawing the contours of the buildings
  • Tracing the axes and elevation points of the project
  • Performing measurements and determinations for calculating excavation volumes
  • Tracking the evolution of the construction

Here are 4 steps to find elevation surveyors in Colorado Springs near you:

  1. Make a quick online search for local surveyors to identify the ones you’d like to work with.
  2. Talk to their representatives and show them the documents necessary to achieve the purpose of your project.
  3. Check if they are certified by the National Society of Professional Surveyors
  4. Make sure you elevation surveyor has the “Errors and Omissions Insurance”.
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