A Day in the Life of Denver Surveyors

ILC surveyColorado land surveying can get pretty complicated in some cases, as the job of a good surveyor is really never done. Especially in this time when Colorado construction projects are underway just about everywhere, it’s essential for investors, builders, developers and real estate professionals to work closely together with land surveyors in Denver and other important cities in the state of Colorado.

ILC survey specialists need to have a lot of skills and knowledge pertaining to their specific jobs, including the understanding of special software packages used for mapping and processing surveying data, analytic thinking skills for spotting problems and discrepancies and solving them effectively, as well as good knowledge of geography, mathematics, geometry, engineering and technology.

As you might expect, a day in the life of any Colorado surveyor can be pretty busy. Some of the activities that a surveyor has to do may include everything from using special equipment to measure slight discrepancies in how level the land might be in certain areas, to the measurement of heights and valleys, the comparing of various measurements with data from old maps and the overall assessment of land for redevelopment.

Surveyors might also work on monitoring changes in the layout and shape of the land during the construction process, as well as updating old maps and producing new ones using a mix of data provided through surveying, GPS and various computer-aided design (CAD) programs.

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