Can Hiring a Land Surveyor Help You Avoid Legal Issues before a Construction Project?

If you are planning a new construction project in Colorado, you must know the main stages that your project will go through, from the beginning to the end.

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Starting with the first tracing measurements, obtaining the building permit and ending with the actual registration of the building, a Colorado land surveyor will be the one who will coordinate all activities. Just as a site engineer is responsible for compliance with the project, the ILC Denver expert will ensure that everything is properly prepared for final reception and tabulation.

Without the help of these experts in cadastre, topography and tabulation, you can encounter various problems. These unpleasant situations can generate unforeseen costs, delays in project implementation, or even undesirable legal issues.

Here are just two situations in which you may regret not using the services of a land surveyor in Colorado:

  • Your construction ends up being misplaced on the land – the distances from the property limits are not respected. Failure to comply with these conditions means impossibility to perform the reception, at the end of the construction works. In short, you will not be able to register your construction.
  • The contour of the house you build exceeds the authorized dimensions – if these conditions are not met, the operations required in the tabulation of the building cannot be performed.


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