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Can Survey Companies in Denver Help Prepare Your Site for Construction?

A land survey company in Denver will be by your side throughout your construction project. A surveyor will ensure that everything goes according to the legislation in force. Without the help of these experts in land surveying and tabulation, you may encounter problems. These situations may lead to unforeseen costs, delays in the implementation of the project and legal issues.

Colorado land surveying

Starting with the measurements, getting the building permits and ending up with the registration of the construction, a dependable Colorado land surveying expert coordinates all these activities. Just as a construction engineer, this expert is responsible for compliance with the legal requirements and will ensure that things are ready for final reception and tabulation.

All these rules apply regardless of the nature of the construction project. In short, the role of a cadastral expert will be to apply the cadastral and topographic works specific to each stage of the construction project, including the following:

  • Checking the land before purchasing it
  • Works prior to obtaining the demolition or construction permit
  • Drawing property boundaries, excavation pit and construction axes
  • Carrying out the necessary measurements to obtain the necessary plans for the reception, at the end of the works
  • Obtaining the construction building report
  • Preparation of the documentation necessary for the registration of the construction in the land book.
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