Colorado Land Surveying – The Surveying Technology of the Future

There are typically two types of technologies used by any land surveyor in Colorado: one has to do with scanning, positioning and imaging, and the other is based in computer systems used by land surveyors to interpret data. Both of these technologies continue to advance and are designed to make land surveying a lot easier than it used to be.

ILC DenverWhile in the past, land surveyors had to do a lot of math and manual measurements, today technologies such as laser scanning will help to determine the size and shape of structures within seconds. The use of laser scanners together with GPS positioning devices that use satellite data to track large structures and the shape of the land offer land surveyors an unprecedented level of control over the information they gather and how accurate they are able to get with their measurements. Adding to the accuracy is the use of drones, which can take pictures and adjust discrepancies and inaccuracies that could come up with the use of satellite positioning and GIS mapping software.

As for computers and imaging technology, successful ILC Denver specialists have at their disposal laptops with remarkable processing power and simulation technologies that can make use of augmented and virtual reality. Aside from just using GIS mapping and turning the data into a raw simulation, they can also visualize it in 3D in great detail and view just about every figure depicted in easy to interpret charts and tables.

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