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How a Land Surveyor in Colorado Can Help with Your Real Estate Requirements

As a future or current homeowner, it is essential to understand how important land surveying and tabulation are for your property.

Imposed by the letter of the law, the land surveying and tabulation procedures are necessary for the registration of any real estate in the Land Registry. With the registration, your house receives a unique cadastral number, a kind of “identity document”.

The plans you may have about selling your home must be postponed if it is not tabulated, therefore it is best to take the necessary measures in advance, in order to avoid becoming the owner of a house which is not registered.

Cadastral documentation is required in many contexts. In addition, its presence in your portfolio of documents ensures the legality of all the real estate transactions you make.

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An industry leading land surveyor Colorado Springs company confirms that these are the most common situations in which you need cadaster and tabulation:

  • to obtain a bank loan;
  • to obtain the necessary approvals for the construction/ renovation/ extension of a building;
  • for the sale or purchase of a home;
  • for the merger and division of a building;
  • for connecting to utilities.

Also, cadastral documentation is very useful in case of transactions. If you want to buy a house, it is essential to know if the area mentioned in the documents corresponds to the real one. If you are not presented with the cadastral documentation in the process of purchasing a house, you should move on and look for another one.


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