The Most Important Reason Why You Need Your Improvement Location Certificate in Colorado

An improvement location certificate in Colorado can be very important when your property (or the property you want to buy) has been modified in the past, or when a present construction project might encroach on the property line and be subject to a dispute. Improvement location certificates (or ILCs) are obtained following a basic survey that only focuses on the property line and seeks to discover if past construction projects have presented any encroachments. If they have, then the certificate will serve as a guideline for the situation to be rectified.

improvement location certificate Colorado

Failing to get an precise improvement location certificate Colorado document can lead to a lot of problems. For example, you might be thinking about buying a house that you don’t know much about. Without an ILC, you might spend a lot of money, move into a house, and then only realize that your property line is in the wrong place when your neighbor returns from overseas and sues you for it.

A reliable Colorado land surveying company is required to prevent such issues from taking hold. The surveyors will be able to accurately determine where the property line should be and what your course of action needs to be in order to correct the problem and deal with the situation if needed.

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