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What Do Denver Land Surveyors Actually Do?

Land surveying profession requires good technical skills, proper knowledge and specialty equipment. Because hiring a land surveyor may happen rarely, most people are not familiar with what these surveyors actually do, and how to choose the right ones.

At any rate, hiring land surveyors is usually necessary before building a structure and making any improvements on a certain property, or when purchasing a property or subdividing parts of a land.

Land surveys are made to locate, describe, document and map the boundaries and exact corners of a certain property or land. This may also include locating buildings and other structures on a certain property.

Boundaries are delimitating borders between two different properties. We could speak of natural boundaries, such as rivers, or of artificial boundaries. Most of these boundaries are created through written documents –warranties or quit claim deeds. Long time physical occupation of a land may also play a certain part in establishing boundaries.

surveyors DenverLand surveying must be performed by a licensed surveyor. He/she has to take full legal responsibility for his/her land survey. In case your property is in Denver, this highly specialized individual – – has been formerly evaluated and licensed by the state of Colorado. There is a clearly defined code of ethics which they must observe also.


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