What Is an Improvement Location Certificate and Why Do You Need It?

A survey might show the current state of the land in an area where you want to buy a parcel, but it will not provide you with any valuable information about whether or not there was a land dispute in the area. For that purpose, you will need to get an improvement location certificate Colorado surveyors can offer as a service.

An improvement location certificate, or ILC, is a service designed to find any disputes or encroachments associated with the real estate property at hand. When a property is being sold, an ILC is usually required, although not in all cases. Nevertheless, for the buyer an ILC can be quite invaluable. Like a title search, an improvement location certificate can offer important information on the property’s past and how certain boundary details might have been established. It also provides insight that can be used as part of future disputes.

improvement location certificate Colorado surveyor Of course, as you ask experts, “where are the best land survey companies near me,” you have to also be aware of the fact that even the most knowledgeable land surveyors will not be able to make an ILC what it isn’t. An ILC will not locate specific boundaries, it doesn’t establish property corners, and it is not a survey. For surveying services, contact your local surveyors and ask for specific details and rates that you can evaluate and use to determine your surveying strategy.

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