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When Do Land Surveyors in Denver Use Drones?

Starting from the need of the specialists to perform topographic measurements with greater accuracy, reduced costs and in a shorter time, drone photogrammetry services have become a safe and effective alternative for many applications in the field of land surveying.

Aerial photogrammetry is possible with the help of drones or UAVs, and is a successful replacement for terrestrial photogrammetry. At the same time, this method complements the classical technologies used in land surveying, offering superior performance. You can find out more about this process by visiting Colorado ILC Services,

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What do these drone photogrammetry services consist of?

Photogrammetry is a technique used to measure, determine metrically and represent graphically an area of land or other objectives, using photographs taken with the help of drones.

The method is used to perform topographic measurements with centimeter precision and to make digital land models, topographical plans and numerous other applications for land surveying and geodesy on large areas, for agriculture, construction, etc.

In addition, the use of the drones offers the possibility of approaching surfaces that are difficult or even impossible to assess with the help of terrestrial surveying equipment. Thus, high-resolution images can be recorded for any type of land, whether it is a rough area, swamps, land on which hazardous materials or substances are stored, wooden areas or simply very large areas.

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