When Is The Best Time To Order A Land Survey for Your Project

No matter if you are about to buy a new land or want to start a building project on the one you already have, a land survey or may be needed, for several different reasons. Perhaps you do not know exactly at what stage from your construction project you may actually need the land survey.

ILC surveyOne good reason why a land survey can be a normal requirement is that you want to know if your new building will not encroach on a neighboring property. The area where you intend to place your building may be in your neighbor’s hazard area. A subdivision layout may also require a land survey.

A land survey may be necessary in case you want to start a building project in the proximity of roads, already existing constructions, or other similar structures.

Although land surveys certainly do not have any expiry date, they may be considered inaccurate as soon as any kind of changes are being made on your own property or the one belonging to your neighbors. So, at that point, you or your neighbors will need to order a new land survey. The accuracy of a ILC survey can last until additional changes are made to the land or buildings.


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