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Why Should I Try to Find an Elevation Surveyor Near Me?

An elevation survey is developed following measurements made on a land area and is part of the documentation necessary to obtain building or demolition permits. It is also requested in case of connection to urban networks, for real estate transactions or in land surveying works.

The elevation survey is obtained after some field and office activities for the realization of the topographical plan. It reproduces on a scale land graphically represented by points on the earth’s surface, orthogonally projected. On such a survey, you will be able to observe the geometric shape, the planimetry elements and the landscape of the analyzed terrain.

By drawing up an elevation survey, the transposition of the technical projects carried out according to the plans is facilitated. Beyond the obligation to conduct an elevation survey, without which you cannot perform and authenticate construction works, it also has a practical and economic importance, determining the type of foundation that is required for the prospected land.

land surveyors DenverTo find reputable land surveyors Denver businesses often Colorado ILC Services for:

  • sale-purchase or rental operations
  • obtaining the permit for the construction or demolition of buildings
  • design or connection to urban networks
  • the documentation for the assignment of the postal number, etc.

By conducting elevation surveys, the local cadastral office updates the topography of the area, correcting any previous errors and adding the constructions absent from the existing documentations.

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