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An Overview of How Denver Surveyors Can Help with Real Estate Disputes

Land surveyors in Denver can really help with real estate disputes. The main role of a land survey is to establish the exact boundaries of a property. Moreover, it also has the purpose of determining any kind of easements or limitations.

Denver surveyorsIn other words, knowledgeable Denver surveyors help determine the legal barriers around a certain land, and thus help avoid any kind of encroachments. In this respect, we may want to note the fact that the term “encroachments” refers to the situation in which one owner builds a structure on another owner’s property.

On the other hand, easements are meant to enable utility companies, neighbors, government entities, etc. to build constructions on your land, or to have any sort of access to it. Easements take the form of written agreements.

The real estate survey usually includes topographical assessments. And when that happens, the actual evaluation needs to comprise the elevation, the contours and all the other characteristics that a property may have. The specific elevation of a certain property, as well as data regarding the type of building and the flooding potential in that area are among the data included in the topographical assessment. Obtaining this type of exact data about your property can certainly help in legal disputes.


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