Where Can You Get an Improvement Location Certificate in Colorado?

survey companies DenverAn improvement location certificate (ILC) is basically an inspection that a land surveyor does to ensure that there are no encroachments or anything else that could adversely affect a particular parcel from a land surveying standpoint. ILCs are often necessary to be done before a development project gets underway, since any encroachment can have a negative effect on the project, and will have to be disputed and cleared before construction work can continue.

The way to get an ILC is through a licensed surveyor in Colorado, who can examine the property on your behalf and find all encroachments and discrepancies that could be affecting the parcel. In some cases, boundary issues will intersect with land surveying discrepancies leading to part of the land you want to work on actually being disputed by owners of neighboring parcels. If that happens, it’s essential that the data provided by surveyors be as accurate as possible.

It is, therefore, very crucial to only work with the most dependable and knowledgeable ILC survey companies in Denver, if you don’t want anything to negatively affect your project. The alternative can lead to legal issues and liability that will cost you a lot of delays and money down the line. Denver surveyors are known to be among the best that can provide you with an improvement location certificate even at short notice.

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