Architects Use Topographic Surveys to Plan Property Structure – Here’s How!

The topographic survey is the conventional representation, in plan, analog or digital, of a land surface, in a cartographic projection and in a reference system. It represents the first step in the construction process, because it includes buildings and other above-ground structures, trees located on a property etc., and shows the elevation of all these in relationship to the boundaries of the property.

Colorado land surveyingObviously, a topographic survey can be very useful to architects, but also to other design professionals and geologists, as it includes the information needed in an architectural survey.

There is a difference between topographic survey and boundary survey. A boundary survey deals mostly with horizontal measurements, defining property lines, measuring total acreage etc.; topographic surveys focus on elevation and details that may impact the construction process.

Topographic surveying is required by most building permits, whether we are talking about a contractor raising a new construction or a homeowner installing an addition on their property. Top Colorado land surveying companies say that, in general, mapping out new construction, landscaping designs, utility designs, road and bridge construction – all these and more are based on topographic mapping.

A topography survey may prove to be very useful also when you invest in real estate and want to make sure that a certain property fits your intended use.


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