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Here’s What a Boundary Survey Will Tell You About Your Property

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The leading survey companies in Denver tell us that a boundary survey is a document that tells things about a property and you might need one too, at some point.
When you want to sell a part of your property
In the case of transferring ownership and dividing property, you may be required, by your local jurisdiction, to have a boundary survey, as it confirms property lines and provides a legal description of the area. Determining the exact acreage is important to be able to come up with a fair price, as well as for tax purposes.
When you want to start home improvements
If you plan an addition to your house, or building a fence, you will be required a boundary survey to get the building permits. Also, you may want to know that lending institutions frequently ask for boundary surveys too.
If you are not sure whether you will need your survey, you must reach out your local zoning commission and they help you.
When you want to know the exact limits of your property
Frequently, many people go through boundary disputes with their neighbors. It always seems that one of the parties is convinced that it is entitled to have a bit more of the other party’s property. A boundary survey will end such disputes, by providing exact and legal information on property lines.

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