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Before starting a construction project, you should prepare using the advice of a property surveyor, as there are several preliminary works to do:

  • Cadastral map and tabulation – it is necessary for any building to be assigned a cadastral number and to be registered in the Land Book.
  • Bonding and dismantling works – to prepare the land area for investigation.
  • Topographic plan – necessary both for the project and in the technical documentation for obtaining the building permit. Also, this includes a whole series of complex works (transversal, longitudinal profiles, As-Build, level curves, 3D modeling of the terrain) on which the architecture, structure and design projects are most often based.
  • Tracing or checking property boundaries – one of the most important services that some landlords ignore, but which Colorado land surveying specialists recommend even before concluding land/ real estate transactions.
  • Consultancy – Preparation of a report in order to identify opportunities to purchase land/ building, on the position, distance from the main access roads, issues related to documentation (cadastral map and tabulation), land verification for utilities passing on/ above/ below the building, which are not visible in the first instance, but may prevent its exploitation in the future.


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