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Is It Easy to Locate an Elevation Surveyor Near Me?

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Do you need a topographic survey and don’t know what to start with?

The topographic survey refers to the technical documentation prepared for the realization of a topographic plan. Even if it sounds complicated, it’s not. Practically, we are talking about measurements or a set of works necessary to document the real situation on-site. Or, even more concisely, the determination of the level quotas reported at sea level.

This technical documentation is usually required when:

  • You want to get a building or demolition permit
  • You need a detailed urban plan or you want to modify an urban plan
  • You are about to design and/ or execute utility networks

Who draws up the topographic survey?

Topographic surveys are carried out by individuals or legal entities approved by The National Society of Professional Surveyors. So, you need an elevation surveyor.

After the execution of the technical documentation, topographic surveyors in Colorado Springs will also take care of the application for approval.

It is not difficult at all to find an elevation surveyor near you. NSPS has states affiliates and you can consult their websites. All of them have a “Find a surveyor” section, which allows you to use different criteria to locate a licensed professional in your area.


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