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Hiring a Land Surveyor in Denver Before Building a New House

You need to know that the most important document when building a house is the building permit. Without getting this authorization, you cannot start the works, given that it is the document by which the local authorities offer their approval.

In order to obtain it, you need to contract land surveying services to ensure that you will build your home on your own land, but also that you carry out the construction according to the urban planning rules in force.

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Construction that do not have a building permit are usually demolished by the authorities. Do not take unnecessary risks, and turn to recommended Colorado professional land surveyors!

There are a lot of people who have problems with neighbors, in terms of property boundaries, and the whole situation can become quite delicate. If you want to solve such a situation, you need an elevation land surveying, made by a professional surveyor. They will determine what are the exact limits of the property, respectively where the neighbor’s property begins and yours ends.

Surveying services are an essential step when you want to check the surface of a plot of land or construction. The topographer will go on site, make special measurements and return with official documents. At the end of the entire survey operation, there will be no doubt about what size and what surface your property has. With an elevation survey, you will be able to demonstrate to anyone and anytime what you own and where your property/ land is located.


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