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Do Local Realtors Know About the Importance of Colorado Land Surveying?

Most local Realtors are not only aware of the importance of Colorado Land Surveying, but actually collaborate with licensed survey companies in Denver in order to support their clients, providing them with integrated services: real estate consulting, legal advice, financial consulting, property management, real estate valuation, and land surveying.

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Land surveying services go hand in hand with the sale and purchase of homes and properties, and include:

  • Cadaster and registering works for properties and lands
  • Several types of land surveys: boundary survey, topographical survey, construction survey, ALTA/ACSM survey, mortgage location survey, site planning survey, subdivision survey
  • Maps created by land surveyors using GPS, digital images, satellite photographs and surveying instruments

Whether it is an apartment or a house, your local realtor should be able to recommend you an authorized land surveyor that will be at your disposal for the necessary cadaster and land registration work. In addition, a land surveyor has a very important role in real estate transactions because they have the legal expertise to draw the true boundaries of a given property, identify title defects and confirm that the documents describe the correct property. Property buyers in particular should strongly consider getting a survey before closing a real estate transaction, in order to uncover discrepancies between the description of property, as it appears in the closing documents and the real property.

A land survey is also extremely important in identifying third-party interests in a given property.

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