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Step By Step Guide To Getting Your Land Surveyed

Getting your land surveyed is mandatory in case you intend to buy a home or start a new building project. Land surveying can be quite complicated, and it requires very precise measurements and specialized techniques, in order for it to fulfill the law-abiding requirements. It should be performed by an authorized ILC Denver surveyor, or the results will not hold up in the court, in case that would ever become necessary.

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Getting your land surveyed must, therefore, follow certain steps:

  • Researching: the homeowner need to initiate the research before the arrival of the surveyor, and examine the records, and thus find out about any kind of established boundaries;
  • Preparing: In this stage, the surveyor needs to look at the maps of the land, and check if there are elements such as rocky areas or steep terrains. This stage helps to determine whether the survey can be done with the help of a drone, or if the surveyor needs to bring heavy equipment on the site.
  • Forming the surveying team; this team will be led by a project manager
  • Establishing the boundaries; with the help of surveying markers, the surveyor sets the property’s boundaries.
  • Conducting the actual survey; this can take from a few hours to a few days.
  • Compile the property’s description.


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