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Why You Need a Land Survey Plat Before Adding Structures to Your Property?

A land survey allows you to know the location of your property`s lines and prevent breaking boundaries of another property. More than that, it will lay the locations and dimensions of buildings and site improvements on your property.

This document is based on existing maps or plats, which are compared, by a professional surveyor, with the mathematical measurements.

You may not know, but you may be required to have a land survey in different situations:

  • When you raise an additional construction on your property – In this case, it will help you to prove that you do not violate any property lines.
  • When you perform demolition – A land survey helps you to prove that the structure is indeed yours and you are allowed to destroy it.
  • When you install a fence – A fence marks a property, but you must be careful and prevent boundary issues with your neighbors that may put you in legal difficulties.
  • When you make other projects regarded as an expansion of your living space – These may include an indoor pool, a patio, a deck etc. and you must prove that they do not interfere with boundaries or things in the ground.

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