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Land surveyors in Denver and the rest of Colorado are among the most modern you’ll find just about anywhere. They use advanced technology and computers to do their work, and they seldom make a mistake. Of course, skill and experience is a big part of it too, but you’ll find that many of the best surveyors in and near the Denver area will never start their work without making use of these technologies:

  • You might know what GPS is, but land surveyors have a similar (but much more accurate and complex) system used for survey positioning. The GNSS system along with EDM and the high speed LIDAR with laser scanning, are indispensable for today’s surveying teams, and Denver surveyors know them very well.
  • Computing technologies have led to land survey data analysis being done almost instantaneously and imaging software being able to create accurate and highly detailed 3D models based on the data.
  • New sensors are also used by Denver surveyors to keep track of discrepancies that are not easy to spot with the use of regular drone technology or traditionally available sensors.

When you plan to hire a land surveyor for a more complex or challenging project, you’ll have to make sure that they are able to handle these tools as well as others. Depending on the specifics of your project, some ILC survey specialists will be better suited to handling it than others. However, very few survey teams will offer you the kind of professionalism and diverse services and surveying solutions that are available with Colorado ILC. You can call on them any time and get yourself the support of a land surveyor in Colorado that truly knows their trade.

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