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What Does a Land Surveyor Do?

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A land surveyor works both indoors and on site, performing measurements of the land. The activity involves social interactions and measurement accuracy. They may be exceptionally exposed to risks, during underground or high altitudes measurements.

Premier surveyors in Denver have knowledge of: geography, computers and electronics, engineering and technology, mathematics, design, production and processing and customer service.

A land surveyor:

  • Applies topographic methods and techniques to determine the exact location of built-up areas
  • Performs measurements in accordance with the recommended standards for the execution of topographic projects
  • Collaborates with other specialists for the systematization of the land, and for the development and completion of the projects
  • Guides and coordinates the activity of teams of technicians and surveyors
  • Prepares projects for future constructions or arrangements provided in the systematization and landscaping plan
  • Identifies, measures and orients geodetic points, heights and other topographic features, using mathematical formulas
  • Gathers information about land features using aerial photography and other digital techniques
  • Advises the client on the optimal parameters for the dismantling of plots of land
  • Prepares the cadastral documentation for land dismantling
  • Reviews existing maps and plans, making necessary corrections and adjustments
  • Corroborates photos, data, notes, records, reports, original maps to create new maps
  • Prepares and updates topographic databases.



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