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What Is a Topographic Survey?

Most people, after purchasing land, plan to build a house, a commercial building or another construction with a specific functional purpose. What documents are required for this? First, you will need a plan with dimensions, the location of buildings and communication lines, both terrestrial and underground. To record these documents, a topographic study of the site must be performed, which will provide complete information about the land characteristics and geographical coordinates.

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A topographic survey is the conventional representation, analog or digital, of a land surface, in a cartographic projection and in a reference system. It is drawn up at scales greater than or equal to 1:10000, where the projection of the points on the earth’s surface is orthogonal, and the curvature effect of the Earth is neglected. On the topographic plans drawn up at 1:500; 1:1000; 1:2000; 1:5000 and 1:10000 faithfully it is represented the geometric shape and dimensions of the planimetry elements, as well as the terrain landscape.

When elaborating the topographic survey, some of the best surveyors Colorado Springs has confirm that all the representative elements from the field must be taken into account:

  • land dimensions
  • constructions and their height regime
  • municipal line networks (sewerage, heating, gas, IT etc.)
  • roads, street plots etc.
  • ground level elevations
  • vegetation and other landscaping
  • the plan scale (1: 500, 1: 2000, etc.)
  • the grid.


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