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Why Denver Surveyors Use Only the Best Modern UAVs and Drones

The new technology of the UAVs represented by drones quickly collects photos from the field, with a very good accuracy, they are geo-labeled (they are given 3D, X, Y, Z coordinates), and, with the help of a photogrammetry software, these data are processed so that the information is provided in the shortest possible time.

Denver surveyorsThe fieldwork done by preferred Denver surveyors requires a large contribution of human resources in which hours of work are consumed, at very high costs.

When they use the classic topographic elevation as method of measurement, it remains difficult for them to visualize the properties. But with the help of UAV technology, 1:500 scale maps can be generated without the need for ground checkpoints, meeting with satisfaction the requirements of accuracy at the centimeter level. The efficiency of collecting and processing field data is improved by up to 10 times compared to the classic method, thus shortening the delivery deadlines. 3D, DTM, DSM, point cloud models are obtained from a single flight, the amount of information being much more varied than the specifics of the cadaster work, including other types of works.

Also, small teams can cover large areas in a very short time, by operating several drones with a single remote control.


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