What Is an Improvement Land Certificate

The accelerated development of the construction industry in the years of economic growth has led to the design and execution of structures that reached true records of height, number of basements, sealing of foundations etc. On these occasions, the construction execution technologies on various types of difficult lands were improved and modernized.

There are large areas of land unsuitable for ordinary foundation (moisture sensitive, contractile, soft soils with low load-bearing, soils with high slip potential, hydrodynamically entrainable liquefied soils, fillings etc.), which obviously require specific design and execution measures.

improvement location certificate ColoradoThere are different procedures for improving a weak foundation land, and the choice depends on the destination and the construction solutions adopted for the buildings that will be located on the respective land.

Improving these lands to make them suitable for certain constructions comes with an Improvement Land Certificate. It contains certain information on the characteristics of future constructions that can be executed on a certain land. A quality improvement location certificate Colorado company may also include the necessary documents for construction.

It should be noted that this certificate does not take the place of a building permit, therefore, it does not come with the right to start certain construction works.

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