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Why You Have to Have Land Surveyed for You Commercial Property

Topographic measurements represent a set of operations performed on site, with high precision devices, providing detailed and useful information for the designer and architect, about the land. These are the foundation of the future project, being the starting point for any new construction.

Why you have to have the land surveyed before raising a commercial building?

Generally, a land survey is important for tracing all the elements of a building, such as:

  • excavations
  • the main axes for the most precise positioning of different elements (such as the foundations)
  • the support poles and metal frames
  • sewer networks and the position of the vents
  • the axes on the building for the location of skylights
  • systematization elements (embankments, curbs etc.)
  • facades
  • floor tile joints, for large areas
  • any other element represented in the project

A land survey also tracks the vertical and plane movements of the terrain and offers volume calculations to determine the capacity of a room or of a construction body.

Denver surveyorsExpert Denver surveyors on site helps you avoid installation mistakes and repair costs generated by errors. It can also ensure a continuous workflow, and the technological risks of your commercial building are greatly reduced.


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